May 12, 2014

About Me


14066244_10154275530795306_4646454772134654134_oMy name is Albie, father to Serenity  and I’m a Trekaholic. I do many things for a living; I edit, I’m a Podcaster, a Pro Wrestling Referee, and I watch TV and sometimes even get paid for it. I do The Quantum Leap Podcast, and I worked for TV Talk which is the best Job I’ve ever had. I have our own small business where we make high quality professionally produced podcasts customized for anyone’s needs. I’m sure I do other things, if I think of them I’ll let you know.   I am addicted to Star Trek. I love all Star Trek. I’m a fan of Brannon Braga and Time Travel. I’m also a fan of most Sci-Fi, but Star Trek makes me happy. My first taste of Star Trek was from The Original Series, “Catspaw”. I was 9 years old and once the first few seconds of Trek touched my eyes it activated my genetic predisposition for my addiction. I would say it’s a disease, except it in fact causes me ease, except for my bank account sometimes.catspawhd0412