Smells like 1991

So living in an oven for a few decades I think I romanticized the winter. It’s cold. 63° F 17° C now I’m like no thank you. I actually had to turn the heat on, on the way to the doctor. That had me thinking, my health isn’t so good at the moment, I had[…]

1975 Toyota Corona

My yearly watch of When Harry Met Sally, usually on New Year’s Eve today, on New Year’s Day, I thought seriously about buying a 1975 Toyota Corona yellow with brown interior. My two favorite movies are that and Back To The Future, and DeLoreans are too expensive, and I’d always thought the idea of a[…]

The year in Albie

2017 was a difficult year, but an improvement from 2016. This year I had my lowest time, four weeks without my daughter. Something I would never choose and wouldn’t do again for a chance at a million dollars. After I got her back, my life has steadily improved. There have been many challenges, but I’ve[…]

No answer

A little bit lost at the moment. The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s been another year in limbo. I miss human interaction. All alone in a full house.

Seven years

According to researchers, the body replaces itself with a largely new set of cells every seven years to 10 years, and some of our most important parts are revamped even more rapidly. [sources: Stanford University, Northrup]. Random thoughts about the now… While a lot of us are physically different from normal cell replenishment, some pieces[…]

Happy Death Day

More than walk of shame meets Groundhog Day. -Albie Happy Death Day staring Jessica Rothe, written by Scott Lobdell and directed by Christopher Landon on the surface is just a collage girl stuck in an endless time loop that starts over and over waking up in some unknown conquest’s dorm room every morning after[…]