The next chapter 

The continuous cycle of break-ups and reconciliation and feeling like a gypsy, or a bird not knowing where my home is, (I own a house, but that doesn’t mean I have a home) has been making me feel physically ill as of late. I get confused sometimes. Today I was convinced I may have cancer,[…]

Spring Cleaning 

Today I woke up with energy and purpose. I thought I’d clean for a little bit, then I ended up cleaning all of the day time. Now to work through the night. All in all a good day. It feels good to accomplish. 

Buzz buzz

So…. life. Life, while not perfect, is much better than this time a year ago. I’m getting to spend everyday with Renny, who is my joy. Friends, some family, jobs, credit, and my podcast production company have suffered. Honestly I have lost a lot in my life that made me… me. I was in crisis mode[…]

Pieces and Parts

Parts of my life have been amazing. My daughter, my marriage, and eating iced tea. In my earliest memory I was already out and about the town I grew up in. I remember riding bikes with Tophey Ford and we would buy Iced tea powder packets, full sugar and eat them while riding. It was[…]

Christmas Joy

My happiness now comes from seeing my daughter Serenity happy. Things that used to mean so much to me before, now seem almost irrelevant when compared to just making Renny smile. It seems my entire being now completely exists to dad.  Seeing Ren have “The Best Christmas Ever!” really did make me happy. I am[…]