Christmas Joy

My happiness now comes from seeing my daughter Serenity happy. Things that used to mean so much to me before, now seem almost irrelevant when compared to just making Renny smile. It seems my entire being now completely exists to dad.  Seeing Ren have “The Best Christmas Ever!” really did make me happy. I am truly grateful to Heather for all the hard work she put into this holiday weekend. All of Renny Roo’s pain, confusion, and worries melted away the last few days, and she was in her happy place.

I have the best kid in the world. She looks on the bright side of most things and has everlasting hope. Sure, there are times it’s just too much for her, it happens to all of us, but she is a trooper. She knows her Mom and Dad love her very much. The love she gives us in return is worth more than anything I’ve ever experienced.

About six years ago Heather and I decided to have a baby. It was a difficult, exciting, fabulous, fun, and heartbreaking time. It all worked out in the end. We lost our first child from a miscarriage. That will be something I never will get over. I can hardly think or talk about her without crying. We persevered and kept trying. We knew more than ever we wanted a baby then. On August 23, 2012 Heather brought into this world our Serenity. I was in love with her the moment I saw the top of her head. At that exact moment, I knew what my purpose in life was. I am a dad. I love being her Dad. In many ways, I achieved a 2nd level of consciousness that day. My life was a shell before we had her. I didn’t know it, I couldn’t really. Being a parent is really what life is all about. I love Serenity so much it hurts. Hurts in the best way, like crying with joy, it’s an aching to strive to take care of, protect, and love this little human that wouldn’t have came to be if I didn’t embrace Heather one night and say “I think it’s time.”

As 2016 sent us into a bizarro world alternate timeline, so many things are upside down and backward. It is my hope that with hard work and love there will be a future. No matter what 2017 gives us, I will keep Serenity my priority and strive to make every day as joyous as I can for her. What’s better than being a kid on Christmas? Being a Dad on Christmas.