Pieces and Parts

Parts of my life have been amazing. My daughter, my marriage, and eating iced tea.

In my earliest memory I was already out and about the town I grew up in. I remember riding bikes with Tophey Ford and we would buy Iced tea powder packets, full sugar and eat them while riding. It was the 1983 version of energy drinks. I remember being happy anytime I got to hang out with my dad, I went everywhere with him. I was happy when I finally left school and started working and made great friends. I was happy with Jen, I was happy with Connie, I was happy with Rachael, and I was happy with Heather.

Even in this past year, I have been happy here or there. I can have almost everything in my life be a negative and I still seem to find a way to make a joke and crack myself up. Just seeing Renny happy dancing to Annie can make my whole day.

I will find happiness again. I am me. Some people like me, a few even love me. I’m not going to give up on me no matter what anyone says. Endings are also new beginnings. All my love to anyone who has ever loved me.