Renny, year zero

Wow. Serenity is five today. Five trips around the sun culminating with a solar eclipse. What started out as an idea has become a person. One of the last things my dad did was try to convince me how fulfilling getting married and having a child was. Him and I spent many of nights talking,[…]

I love.

Life is to be enjoyed. If you can only see the negative in life, you are focused on the wrong things. Life is an amazing chemical reaction that we are just now beginning to comprehend. Sure it’s like Ronnie says, it’s like if you take Kool-Aid (powder) and add water you have Kool-Aid, yes. Why[…]

The loss

Over the past almost two years there have been many ups and downs, and very few ins and outs. About a week ago I lost a good friend. At first I was sad, but I was surprised how hard it hit me. It wasn't a long friendship, but it was one of a kindred nature.[…]

Back to the future

Back in a limbo state, but not. We have both agreed to a divorce, so there is an end in site, however due to circumstances we are cohabiting again. It's not all bad, I get to see Renny everyday for now, and Serenity gets the Talos IV experience. Her mom and I get along better[…]

Sin Wagon

A different Dixie Chicks album has helped me get through all the difficult times of my life. Fly helped me get through probably my lowest point. It was after my house burnt down Christmas Eve in 1999 while I was at work.  I was rather young and in shock, so I didn’t tell anyone because[…]

Better than (then) most

  Utterly alone Not free to find love. I have what’s important. I am not. I have a lead! Come home now You are not free For fuck’s sake, it’s fucking three. What happened? Why the talk? You don’t need to know. That’s for you to never find out You aren’t important to me You[…]


Today was a day of discovery, realization, and acceptance.  What does one feel when one knows he’s just a cog? Unimportant, replaceable, not special.  It’s all worth it. Keep going my friend. 


Why are the birds chirping at night? Why is everything not quite right? My vision has been blurry. Should I worry? Things that once bothered me I take in stride. Am I here inside? All things seem on hold. Am I Getting old? Smooth legs and Doctor Who. Yet nothing to really to do. My[…]