No answer

A little bit lost at the moment. The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s been another year in limbo. I miss human interaction. All alone in a full house.

Seven years

According to researchers, the body replaces itself with a largely new set of cells every seven years to 10 years, and some of our most important parts are revamped even more rapidly. [sources: Stanford University, Northrup]. Random thoughts about the now… While a lot of us are physically different from normal cell replenishment, some pieces[…]

Happy Death Day

More than walk of shame meets Groundhog Day. -Albie Happy Death Day staring Jessica Rothe, written by Scott Lobdell and directed by Christopher Landon on the surface is just a collage girl stuck in an endless time loop that starts over and over waking up in some unknown conquest’s dorm room every morning after[…]

It (2017)

Like Goonies but fucking terrifying. -Albie I went into this movie with having read the first few chapters into the book and having vague memories of the mini-series I watched as a kid to see Harry Anderson and not liking it too much… I had stayed away from spoilers but was curious to see the[…]

Working on the 100

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 42nd Street (1933) The 400 Blows (1959, Fr.) (aka Les Quatre Cents Coups) All About Eve (1950) Annie Hall (1977) Ashes and Diamonds (1958, Poland) L’Atalante (1934, Fr.) The Bank Dick (1940) The Battleship Potemkin (1925, Soviet Union) The Birth Of A Nation (1915) Blow-Up (1966, UK) Bonnie And Clyde[…]

Renny, year zero

Wow. Serenity is five today. Five trips around the sun culminating with a solar eclipse. What started out as an idea has become a person. One of the last things my dad did was try to convince me how fulfilling getting married and having a child was. Him and I spent many of nights talking,[…]