C527 Clock Radio, Regal

I’m trying to find some information on it. I can only find info on C-527-L mine is just C527 no bloody L this one has a 4th clock knob on the bottom of the clock face at 6 it’s a power/sleep timer knob.

It worked a little better when I hooked that wire up to the ground. A lot quieter though. Only station that comes in is a religious station lol. A lot of static. No hum, all the tubes glow (so pretty) I’m thinking I should replace the capacitors. I took it all apart and cleaned it up. The plastic case with dish liquid and hot water. It looked like it had that nicotine brown, little bit of bleach in the water got it back to its originalish color. Alcohol pads cleaned the needle backlit translucent plastic. Should I shine the outside with liquid gold or black magic? How do I shine up the brass? Where do I find the weird screwdriver?