FMV Gaming

From Star Trek Borg is my favorite FMV (full motion video) game and is available absolutely for free download here because it’s old and considered obsolete. I don’t think it is, and here is why. As a child, I loved to read choose your own adventure books. I think mostly because I was lazy and somehow[…]

The next chapter 

The continuous cycle of break-ups and reconciliation and feeling like a gypsy, or a bird not knowing where my home is, (I own a house, but that doesn’t mean I have a home) has been making me feel physically ill as of late. I get confused sometimes. Today I was convinced I may have cancer,[…]

Spring Cleaning 

Today I woke up with energy and purpose. I thought I’d clean for a little bit, then I ended up cleaning all of the day time. Now to work through the night. All in all a good day. It feels good to accomplish. 

Buzz buzz

So…. life. Life, while not perfect, is much better than this time a year ago. I’m getting to spend everyday with Renny, who is my joy. Friends, some family, jobs, credit, and my podcast production company have suffered. Honestly I have lost a lot in my life that made me… me. I was in crisis mode[…]

Pieces and Parts

Parts of my life have been amazing. My daughter, my marriage, and eating iced tea. In my earliest memory I was already out and about the town I grew up in. I remember riding bikes with Tophey Ford and we would buy Iced tea powder packets, full sugar and eat them while riding. It was[…]