Happy Death Day

More than walk of shame meets Groundhog Day. -Albie TOTLB.com Happy Death Day staring Jessica Rothe, written by Scott Lobdell and directed by Christopher Landon on the surface is just a collage girl stuck in an endless time loop that starts over and over waking up in some unknown conquest’s dorm room every morning after[…]

It (2017)

Like Goonies but fucking terrifying. -Albie  TOTLB.com I went into this movie with having read the first few chapters into the book and having vague memories of the mini-series I watched as a kid to see Harry Anderson and not liking it too much… I had stayed away from spoilers but was curious to see the[…]

FMV Gaming

From TOTLB.com Star Trek Borg is my favorite FMV (full motion video) game and is available absolutely for free download here because it’s old and considered obsolete. I don’t think it is, and here is why. As a child, I loved to read choose your own adventure books. I think mostly because I was lazy and somehow[…]