I love.

Life is to be enjoyed. If you can only see the negative in life, you are focused on the wrong things. Life is an amazing chemical reaction that we are just now beginning to comprehend. Sure it’s like Ronnie says, it’s like if you take Kool-Aid (powder) and add water you have Kool-Aid, yes. Why does life exist? Because if it didn’t we wouldn’t be here to ask. To have sentience and be self-aware is the greatest evolution of all (that I’m able to comprehend at this point). Love, the love I have for my child Serenity sure it’s an evolutionary necessity that happened when human brains and in turn their skulls to hold their brains got too big to be fully developed before birth and being able to fit through the pelvis, humans were born unable to take care of themselves. For this love I am forever appreciative, it is true joy.

Our lives are but a blip in the vastness that is time. The fact that I’m here at this moment, with the love from and for my family, with food, internet, freedom, great writers like Joss, Tommy, & Christopher, air conditioning and antibiotics. I consider myself to be one of the luckiest tiny little lifeforms on this pale blue dot, in a bubble of happenstance that is this universe in the multiverse. The almost infinite things that had to happen in exactly this way for me to be here right now, living this life, from behind these eyes is almost incomprehensible. I wake up everyday knowing all of this and choose to focus on all the good things. Sure life isn’t perfect, but why focus on the negative? Life is short, enjoy all it has to offer. If you can’t comprehend the wonders I’ve seen, or how great life is, and wallow in the negatives, I hurt for you and wish you could choose to enjoy life. I would help you if I only knew how, but I truly believe this happiness can only be a personal appreciation for life. I can’t help. All I ask, if you are drowning in negative, when you have the ability to swim, or even just stand up (the water isn’t that deep), please do not try to pull me down with you.

These are all the things I think when I simply say, “Hugs” ❤️