Sorry folks the park’s closed,

the moose out front should have told ya.

National Lampoon’s Vacation is a completely different movie than I thought it was originally. Different than what I took at face value. It turns out it’s a metaphor for life. 

Follow me on this. The movie starts out with Clark getting his new car thinking it’s the one he really wanted. But it’s not, it’s the one he didn’t want. Thats his career. It’s OK because he still has his family which he did want. That you see is life, or the set up for it. 

Then you have the cross country trip. This is the journey through adulthood. All the obstacles that are placed in his way, Clark, with the help of his family are able to overcome them. He also loses people along the way. 

There is one goal in mind. Getting to Wally World. This represents our drive to keep going, to have a finish line, a destination, something to work for and towards.  

I think if we knew all along that Wally World was closed, we wouldn’t go through the struggle that is life. But this is life, and life is this. It’s the now.  It’s the million little moments all strung together some good some bad, and when we’re very lucky those moments that make life worth living.  

At a certain age we, like Clark did, realize that what we’ve been working for all along isn’t achievable. It’s at that moment we can let ourselves feel defeated and give up, we can ignore it, push it to the back of our minds, compartmentalize and carry-on. But there’s also the approach that Clark Griswold took. He picked up a BB gun and shot John candy in the ass. 

The gluteal assault, or grabbing life by the balls may be the most satisfying thing to do, but not always the right thing to do. 

I may be a romantic, but I believe sometimes you get to Wally World, and it’s open. If it wasn’t possible none of us would try. 

Every person has their limits. Sometimes we try things and they don’t work out. Sometimes we force them to work out knowing there will be consequences in the end. Clark got in trouble with the police, but his kids got to see Wally World. Most importantly, we all got to see Beverly D’Angelo’s tits, one of those moments that make life worth living.